Demolition & Temporary Works

IKM have extensive experience providing demolition and temporary works design and support as both client’s representative and contractor’s designer.

Safety and Risk Assessment is at the heart of our demolition and temporary works services, as we recognise the hazards and risks of the sectors we operate in. We have an established record of providing safe design, execution and decommissioning services and we continue to strive to achieve higher standards of safety in partnership with our clients and their project teams.

Our Demolition & Temporary Works services include:

Piling/Working Platforms & Haul Roads

Assessments of existing ground conditions and design of working platform and temporary/permanent haul roads with or without reinforcement for construction and demolition plant.  Including an assessment of geometric requirements optimisation of cut and fill balance.

Crane Pads

Crane access route and outrigger bearing pad assessments and designs for cranes from 80 to 1000 Tonne capacity (or more) in varying ground conditions.

Tower Crane Bases

Design of piled or spread footings in concrete and steelwork.

Destruct Engineering
  • Assessment of existing structures
  • Destruct methodologies and sequencing
  • Design and details for temporary modifications
  • Heavy load assessments
  • Pre-weakening and blast overpressure prediction
  • Mitigation for explosive demolition
Temporary Propping/ Facade Retention

Design of vertical and lateral support using proprietary systems, scaffolding, steelwork, timber or recovered/available materials.

Temporary Foundations

Ground assessment and design of piled or spread foundations for temporary buildings or support of vertical and horizontal prop loads.

Heavy Load Moving/Jacking

Heavy load route assessments including space constraints, swept path, above and below ground utilities and ground capacity.   Assessment of existing structures on route. Design for beam skidding and girder launching.

Pipeline Crossings

Design and supervision of temporary and permanent access road crossings over major accident hazard pipelines. River crossing surveys and design of erosion control installations.

Deep Excavation Support
  • Geotechnical ground assessment
  • Design of temporary trench sheeting, trench boxes and sheet piling
  • Horizontal propping and shoring
  • Review of installation sequences
  • Noise and vibration prediction and compliance monitoring
  • Coordination with and design of permanent works interfaces with temporary works
System Assurance

Review and assurance of new proprietary temporary works / access solutions.

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