Blast, Fire and Gas Safety

IKM have many years’ experience in providing specialist engineering solutions for low probability high consequence blast, fire, toxic and flammable gas hazards resulting from either accidental process releases, malicious/terrorist attack or deliberate industrial blasting.

We have an established record of providing safe design and construction solutions, with Risk Assessment and Cost Benefit Analysis at the heart of our project approach, ensuring compliance with appropriate standards, guidance and legislation.

Our design methodologies include standard static design, single degree of freedom dynamic models (SDOF) to full 3D non-linear time history finite element analysis.

Our Blast, Fire and Gas Safety services include:


Blast, Fire and Gas Hazard Identification

IKM carry out blast & thermal safety consultancy, to establish hazard ranges and identify the most effective mitigation measures, for developments within the zone of influence of major accident hazard pipelines, COMAH sites or where DSEAR risk assessments are required. Our solutions for these projects often involve reducing hazards at the source which reduces the severity of constraints on the development.

QRA / Consequence Analysis Review

Using our extensive project experience, we regularly review consequence analysis and quantified risk assessment work undertaken by others,

Fire & Gas Mapping

We offer a full Fire & Gas Detection design services including Fire & Gas Mapping, compliance with all major industry codes and expert third party review. IKM have experience of working with most major Oil & Gas operators (both onshore and offshore) in compliance with relevant industry documents (ISA TR84) and individual company philosophies (BP’s GP 30-85 and Shell’s DEP).

Fire Hazard Analysis

IKM offer a wide range of analytical and computational fire hazard analysis services. These include carrying out new and reviewing exiting Fire Hazard Assessments (FHA). Inspecting likely release scenarios and potential consequences, to check that event scenarios are accurately captured and modelled in a performance-based manner. Additionally, IKM can model fire and gas leak events using consequence models or Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Flammable and Toxic Gas Dispersion Modelling

We provide advice based on our Fire, Blast & Gas Safety expertise in tandem with providing consequence modelling for flammable and toxic gas leak scenarios using various third party programs such as PHAST or Breeze’s Incident Analyst.

Active & Passive Fire Protection Compliance

We provide advise based on our Fire, Blast & Gas Safety expertise in tandem with our fire and gas modelling capabilities, to identify active and passive fire protection strategies and value engineering opportunities to reduce capital expenditure and life cycle operation and maintenance costs.

Heat Transfer, Ventilation & Smoke Movement Analysis

IKM offer Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis using 3rd Party software such as PYROSIM. This allows us to accurately capture in a time-dependent manner, how the movement of fire, smoke and hazardous gases will behave within a built environment. This allows us to value engineer, mitigation options to reduce capital expenditure and life cycle operation and maintenance costs.

Occupied Building Strategy & Design

IKM conduct occupied building risk assessments for blast, thermal & toxic hazards, with risk mitigation measures including relocation away from hazard, strengthening, retrofitting or replacement, to demonstrate that risks have been reduced to as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP) or where possible to broadly acceptable risk (maximum credible hazard resistant designs).

Design & Assessment

Retrofitting and Strengthening Existing Buildings. We have carried out a wide range of assessment and design for specialised structural projects requiring dynamic blast ballistic or impact analysis and jet & pool fire resistance.

Permanent Blast, Fire & Toxic Resistant Buildings

We have worked extensively in the design of new, and the upgrading of existing facilities including control rooms and control buildings in off shore and onshore sites for blast, jet & pool hazards.

Modular Temporary & Permanent Buildings

We have been instrumental in developing deformable steel blast resistant modules (BRMs) which can withstand high pressures and significant levels of thermal radiation whilst protecting their occupants.

Non Linear, Dynamic Time History Analysis

We are fully conversant in the use of advance non-linear dynamic finite element analysis for the assessment of structural response under blast impact, ballistic and fire loads.

Interdisciplinary Design & BIM

With a broad range of specialisms within our inter-discipline team, the sum is greater than the parts.

IKM provide an integrated, one-stop multidisciplinary design service which is essential for delivering complex Blast, Fire & Gas Resistant Buildings and Refuges in a cost and time efficient way. We use the latest 3D BIM technology to ensure design coordination so that the design solution is right first time. This reduces off site fabrication costs and speeds up the procurement process, delivering completed buildings on time and on budget for our clients.

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