Assurance & Integrity

Our integrated multidiscipline team provide Assurance and Integrity Management services for the following types of infrastructure:

Major Accident Hazard (MAH) Pipelines

We have extensive experience of providing engineering assurance, project management and construction supervision to owners and operators of Major Accident Hazard Pipeline both client’s representative and as contractor’s designer.

Our work on such projects include the following:

  • Design of crossings over pipelines, both temporary and permanent
  • Review of third party work over or near pipelines (such as road crossings, deep excavations etc)
  • Site supervision during works on or near pipelines
  • Existing road crossing load assessment
  • Vibration prediction and monitoring for piling, blasting and other construction activities
  • Temporary works for deep excavations around or near pipelines
  • Management of pipeline inspection, refurbishment and repair
  • River crossings, bank stability and erosion inspection and monitoring
  • River crossing bank or bed reinstatement
  • Review of crane and lifting operations over and near pipelines
  • Review of development near pipelines and PADHI Land Use Planning
  • Risk assessment of pipeline hazards and contribution to Emergency Response Plans
  • Environmental and ecological studies
Tank Storage

We have extensive specialist knowledge in both the gathering, analysis and compliance assessment of storage tank geometry, against recognised industry standards such as EN 14015 and API 650 for new-build tanks, and API 653 and EEMUA 159 (3rd & 4th Edition) for the existing tanks.

Our work on such projects include the following:

  • Rapid, non-intrusive, laser scanning to collect large amounts of digital point cloud data in the field. Reducing time on site and limiting the amount of time tank is ‘out of service’
  • Conversion of digital point cloud data into accurate 3D geometry models
  • Post processing of 3D model to assess standards compliance of tank shell geometry
  • Inspection / New Build compliance survey
  • Verticality, deformation, profile comparison
  • Plate Flatness (Peaking and Banding), Floor rippling contour models
  • Shell ovality, roundness and rim seals
  • Tank strapping & calibration
  • Annular settlement, planar Tilt and differential Settlement
  • Non-linear finite element analysis for extension of life with significant deformations
Civil & Structural Infrastructure

IKM have extensive experience of carrying out assurance and integrity management inspections to identify safety issues, prioritise routine maintenance and extend the life of existing assets.

Our work on such projects include following:

  • Fuel bunds capacity and integrity inspections
  • COMAH / PSLG secondary containment earth, brick and concrete bund inspections
  • COMAH Occupied Building Assessment
  • Building fabric preventative maintenance and remediation
  • Pre and post works dilapidation inspections
  • Bridge fabric preventative maintenance and remediation
  • Plant structure routine maintenance Inspections
  • Pipe support gantries routine maintenance Inspections
  • Pipe bridge/tunnel routine maintenance Inspections
  • Settlement monitoring of plant, buildings and structures with potential movement
  • Heavy load route inspection and assessment
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